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Created 11-Jul-09
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This Group offers various select prints of "my" images galleries of sizes 8 x 10 thru 18 x 24.
Most are "artsy" digital enhancements with a nice Impressionist or Painted look......a digitally embedded canvas or paint texture in many, and the quality is very good and well detailed.
Additionally offered, are a few images that I have rendered from originals by my friend Billy Moore.

Larger prints will generally have a 2" black or white border as presented. Other sizes vary, ready for trimming, custom matte and frame....just ask.

Prices are in the individual Galleries and include shipping within CONUS.
All prices discounted after first print, so mix and match for added savings.

Explore the various offerings /sizes and email
with me any questions.
Send Mail link at bottom left here http:/​/​critterscapes.​zenfolio.​com/​

If you would like a "pet photo" given the artistic painted look, please contact me,
as I offer the service at a very reasonable price.

thank you,

8 x 10

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8 x 10

11 x 14

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12 x 16

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12 x 16

16 x 20

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16 x 24

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18 x 24

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18 x 24