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The blinding white Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets are abundant in Louisiana and can be found around almost any pond, river or lake.....even in a roadside ditch if it's holding water.
Calling them keen fishers is an understatement, these egrets will dine on anything from snakes and crawfish to large fish and small duckling. They are not picky at all.
A challenge to photograph and get details in the bright white lay of feathers.

I suggest selecting to view by slideshow and enjoy the egret's beauty for a few minutes

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1.Karl Witt(non-registered)
Dave, I agree that viewing these in a slideshow will educate one on the sheer beauty of the egret but also enrichen one's mind and soul on the impact of proper exposure and composition. I have never seen one color 'white' look so good and be so rich. I sat and watched each image and many times said wow that is one beautiful image! What a beautiful presentation of 'whites'.

Being a photographer I give great respect to your abilities in sheer amazement of capturing so many proper exposures of one of the most difficult birds to record. You have now set the bar very high and I expect much more from myself now when attempting to photograph these beautiful egrets. Dave, excellent work and certainly motivational.
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