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These are weird, strange, outrageous....just plain freaky, but real. I take any image and flip half of it over on itself. Each half of the image is identical.

It's still total reality, just half of it twice!
Freaky huh?

Put the gallery on slideshow and enjoy

Guestbook for NEW--Flipped Out
These are great. Do you have some basic instructions on how to do this?
4.Karl Witt(non-registered)
I must hand it to you Dave, the 'Flipped-Out' gallery massages the mind and shows no boundaries! You have done a wonderful job on these and they are often startling as well as amazing, nice creative work sir!
3.Lil Judd AKA LilKnytt Photography
Dave - this is just so creative - I love it. Well done & an amazing gallery.
2.Raul (birdphotographers)(non-registered)
Awesome gallery, something different. I truly enjoy watching this gallery.
See.....I said strange & creative!
Great vision!
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